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Enhance Your Summer Look With These Style Tips

As we head into summer, it’s important to find accessories that show off your style, while brightening up your wardrobe. Since summer brings an explosion of bold colors and vibrant patterns, this season’s trends are no different.

So pack away your dreary duds, your winter boots and clean out that closet to get yourself ready for some fun in the sun.

Unsure of where to start? The following summer accessories are a must:

Slip into a dress.

A slip dress is a simple, elegant base layer that can be dressed up with accessories and is a trend worth paying attention to. To get a high-fashion look, layer them with frilly undershirts and jumpers.

Fancy your footwear.

If you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw, the best way to dress up an outfit is with a pair of wedge sandals. The right pair of wedges can glam up your look, make your legs look long, yet still allow you to move comfortably. If, however, you prefer shoes with little to no heel, you’ll be happy to know that flat-flats are in

Go glam with glasses.

Choosing eyewear that’s not only stylish but functional can be difficult. Transitions lenses are great because they block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and are available in nearly all prescriptions. They also come in a variety of colors that complement your personal style and frame choice. With one pair of lenses, your eyes will feel comfortable indoors or out, in bright light, low light and everything in between.

Choose a hat.

As important as it is to get some natural vitamin D, too much sun is bad for the skin. A floppy hat is a great accessory that lets you flaunt a style that fits your personality, get a little sun, but still protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Grab a bag.

A statement bag is the perfect way to enhance your look. When choosing the right purse for your outfit, think luxe fabrics, contrasting textures, and bright patterns. Pair with a great pair of glasses to pull off a celebrity look.

  • @ondamarela no hat weekend em S. João da Madeira, ouvir o apito a vapor é sempre nostálgico. Obrigado a todos os participantes :)
  • Irene González at Viarco :) more pictures at
  • No mês de Junho tivemos o privilégio de receber na Viarco a artista Irene Gonzalez em residência artística promovida em colaboração com a Drawing Room Lisboa.
Instalada na Oliva Creative Factory, a quem agradecemos o apoio prestado, a artista teve a oportunidade para trabalhar no atelier da empresa, onde experimentou técnicas e materiais com a total liberdade de escolha e acção. 
Desta visita fica o nosso reconhecimento pelo seu talento, pela sua capacidade de materializar imagens misteriosas que nos deixam intrigados, pela sua personalidade tranquila que muito contrasta com o que por vezes se espera de um(a) artista. 
Obrigado Irene volta sempre. [en]
Last month we had the privilege of receiving at Viarco the artist Irene Gonzalez in an artistic residence promoted in collaboration with Drawing Room Lisboa.
Installed at Oliva Creative Factory, to whom we thank the support provided, the artist had the opportunity to work in the studio of Viarco, where she experimented techniques and materials with total freedom of choice and action.
This visit reinforced our recognition for her talent, for her ability to materialize mysterious images that leave us intrigued by his quiet personality that very contrasts with what is sometimes expected of an artist.
Thank you Irene, you are always welcome!  #drawingroom #premiotalento2018 #artistresidencies
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