Dummy Pencil


The worst pencil in the world, the pencil that does not write.

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Dummy Pencil
The worst pencil in the world

Dummy: stupid, dumb, imitation or copy, a mock-up. We won´t lie, this is exactly what this pencil is, a false object with no apparent use.

The idea behind the production of this pencil is playful: to prank and play with others, a natural and expected behaviour in children. We wanted to create a fun object that would allow us to laugh at and with others and ourselves.

It is also a way to mock products and companies struggling ferociously under the premise that only the fittest survive.

The Dummy Pencil is a realistic object, made to look exactly like a real pencil, except that no one can write with it.


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Weight10 g
Dimensions18 × 1 × 1 cm


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