Graphite Ink


For printing in screen printing and other printing techniques.
Packaging of 400gr.



Graphite screen printing ink is a unique option that offers artists and screen printers the opportunity to create prints with an appearance and texture similar to graphite pencil drawing.

This ink contains finely ground graphite particles mixed with other components to create a specialised ink for screen printing.

It allows you to reproduce the effect and appearance of graphite pencil drawing, adding realism and texture to your prints. Its versatility makes various applications possible, stimulating creativity and opening up new possibilities for artists and silk-screen printers.

Once dry, the result printed with graphite screen printing ink can be worked in the artistic context due to its water-colouring properties. This means that it is possible to intervene on the print itself, using watercolour techniques. Artists can add layers of water on top of the print to obtain effects of washing, blending and transparency, thus creating new artistic dimensions and possibilities. This capacity for intervention and manipulation adds a dynamic and experimental aspect to the final work, allowing the exploration of different techniques and results.

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Weight470 g
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 cm


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