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Frequently Asked Questions

ARTGRAF VIARCO is a registered trademark owned by Viarco Indústria de Lápis, Lda under tax identification number PT500571722.
An email account is all you need to start a purchase. We recommend that you register a Viarco account here and start adding products to your favorites and easily make an online purchase.  
Currently we accept PayPal payments and bank transfer, through NIB/IBAN. If you use the PayPal method, we will receive your payment immediately and the delivery will be done faster. In case of bank transfer, we will only ship your products when we receive the bank transfer confirmation (it may take 2 to 3 days), if you send a proof of bank transfer to our email the faster the order will be sent. We do not store any details of your credit card, and we never have access to your card details.
The method we use in Portugal is: TNT, delivers in the next business day, after the payment is received.
Europe, the estimated time for delivery is 2 to 5 days, rest of the world between 5 to 8 days.
Shipping prices will appear when check out is done.
Shipping to Portugal, CTT: 3,20€ (until 100 g)
Shipping to, Express 24h: 4,50€ (until 5 kg) : 5,00€ (until 30 kg)
Shipping to Spain, CTT: 5,85€ (until 100 g) : 9,50€ (until 500 g) : 13,95€ (until 1 kg)
Shipping to Spain, Express 48h: 18,20€ (until 1.5 kg) : 20€ (until 2 kg)
Shipping to Europe, 3 to 5 business days: 5,85€ (until 100 g) : 9,50€ (until 500 g) : 13,95€ (until 1 kg) : 22,20€ (until 2 kg)
Shipping to the rest of the world: 6,45€ (until 100 g) : 13€ (until 500 g) : 23,60€ (until 1 kg) : 34,65€ (until 2 kg) (from 5 to 8 days)
Outside Europe, customs duty can be charged, but it can not be predicted.
All deliveries are shipped with a tracking number. We will send you the number so you can track where your order is at any time on 17Track. Orders are sent to the address in your account information, so make sure the address is correct. If there is an error that makes the delivery of the order unavailable or if you do not claim it from the carrier, the delivery charges will be charged again. If you believe your order is taking longer than expected to arrive, please contact us at:
You can return your purchase for up to 14 days. You must return it under the same conditions as you received and we will refund the amount of the order. In this case, we will charge shipping costs.For orders outside the European Union, the customs duty will also be charged. Please, contact us before you do.
If you have received the order with external damages, you must file a complaint with the shipping company.If the product itself is damaged, contact us immediately by e-mail:
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  • Um ensaio fotofílmico de Miguel Gaspar.
Num confronto entre um homem máquina, e máquinas sem homens, vozes sintetizadas, relatam maquinalmente estas premissas, levantando questões de inteligência artificial e o papel da arte na indústria.
Trabalho realizado durante a Residência Artística do Colectivo Laboratório, Maio 2018.  #residenciasartisticas #colectivolaboratorio #manufacturing #pencils #viarco
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