ArtGraf Xmas Gift


We present an ArtGraf set in its own packaging for Christmas. It includes the ArtGraf Nº1 graphite putty, the ArtGraf 20gr watercolor graphite, a block of  graphite tailor shape and also the 2 watercolor graphite pencils with ArtGraf 5mm lead. It also includes an illustration/postcard by Dino Vásquez.

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ArtGraf Xmas Gift
  • ArtGraf Nº1 is a soft graphite putty that allows the user to shape the drawing tool according to specific drawing needs.
  • Artgraf graphite watercolor is a revolutionary product that completely changes the artist’s relationship with graphite.
    Use with brush and water.
  • The ArtGraf Tailor Shape is a block of pressed pigment, designed for drawing and painting. Extremely soft and water-soluble ArtGraf Tailor Shape allows you to produce a wide range of colours, and light, dark and opaque colours.
  • Watercolour Graphite pencil with a wide 5mm lead, graduation 2B and 6B.

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 4 cm

Saco 150g, Taça 450gr