Xmas Gift ’22


We present a set of articles from the Vintage and Design ranges prepared in a special package for Christmas. It includes 1 set of scented pencils, 1 multiplication tablet pencil, 1 Love is Love pencil + Ova pencil cap, 1 box of 8 Ovas (pencil caps), 1 Vintage pencil nº3500, 1 Magneto pencil and 1 set of coloured pencils in an original Formula 1 box.


Xmas Gift Set ’22
  • The box with the Formula 1 illustration is an original object of Viarco productions in the 1980s.
  • The Scented pencils are a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens. Set of 6 units of Orange Flower, Lily of Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig or Lavender.
  • The multiplication table pencil is possibly known by everyone as a childhood symbol. This pencil continues to be produced with the original machine, even with the same production details.
  • The Love is Love pencils is silkscreen-printed with the traditional method of gradient printing, which makes these pencils all the same, but all different.
  • The 3500 Vintage pencil is a classic, part of a reedition of Viarco’s  products from the 1940s to the 1960s, recovered to tell the history of the brand and its country.
  • The Magneto pencil has a magnetic application that allows fixing them in the most unusual places. Alike the “Refrigerator Magnet”, they will always be wherever you´ll need.
  • OVA is the answer to Viarco’s long-standing aspiration to create an “original cap” for his pencils. Functional and fun, it protects the pencil tip, it buffers from impacts, and prevents the pencil from puncturing and getting dirty during transport.

Additional information

Weight140 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 4 cm
Lápis Aromatizados

Flor de Laranjeira, Figueira, Lírio do Campo, Peónia, Jasmim, Alfazema