Graphite pencil HB with magnetic application

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Just Fix It

Young, fresh, fashionable and very practical. The Magneto’s are HB pencils that have a magnetic application that allows fixing them in the most unusual places. From the obvious and useful “Refrigerator Magnet” to the “Magneto Spiral Notebook”, they will always be wherever you´ll need.

The collection of 36 different models allows the choice of the product in line with the consumer profile and reduces the possibility of having two identical pencils in the same place.

As a decorative object or simple solution to quickly find a pencil, it is sure that the Magneto’s exhibitor meets the expectations. Originally designed to be sold in our store, this exhibitor gained its own life by becoming a target of interest between many connoisseurs, users and pencil collectors. The exhibitor holds the complete collection of 36 HB pencils.

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Weight10 g
Dimensions18 × 1 × 1 cm

Single Pencil, Exhibitor, Collection 36 Pencils


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